Monthly Archives: April 2014

Read this book now.

As a writer it’s a rare and unexpected delight to encounter a book you identify so completely with or admire so much that you wish you had written it. The wickedly funny How Animals Have Sex is one such book for me. Carl Safina’s gorgeous The View from Lazy Point is another. Annie Dillard’s  Pilgrim […]

Short Takes: Day 100

The hundred day streak ended yesterday, right were all of this started: after work on the trails in the woods behind my house with my dogs. Running that humble 3 mile loop as a way to slough off the aches and pains of a day in the classroom and in my office is what got […]

Short Takes: Good Bye Winter

After running Bridge the Gap on Verona Island this morning, I came home to take the dogs for a walk (great for recovery after a 10 mile race). I noticed the faintest shadows of my ski tracks from this winter, ghostly imprints fading fast as the snow melts away. They made me sad for a […]

Finding Identity: How I became a runner, Part 1

The messages and calls started coming before I had even heard the news. “Is Sarah Ok? Was she in Boston? I know she runs marathons…” Even though I hadn’t run a marathon in years, the achievement sticks in the minds of friends and family, and plants the seed of possibility that maybe, just maybe I […]

Short Takes: Spring Irony

The funny thing about spring trail running…You spend all winter running in the cold, wishing it was warmer. Now, here in early spring, I make a point to get out early while it is still cold, before the trails unfreeze and soften up too much. Ironic.