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Sarah is a science educator, naturalist, writer, tide pool fanatic and burgeoning obsessive trail runner. From personal experience she believes strongly in the restorative power of contact with nature, especially experiences that make your heart beat a little faster or get your hands and feet dirty. She lives on the Blue Hill peninsula with her husband and two dogs.

Happy Solstice!

Six months ago, I was writing about a hike through the mountains on the longest days of the year, savoring the length of light, the height of the sun, the brightness of the blue sky over alpine summits. Today, on the longest night of the year, I revel in the darkness, the thin crescent moon […]

Restoring a fishery, one click at a time

I work at Maine Maritime Academy, where my students and I are known (somewhat affectionately, some what derisively) as “fish counters”. To the deckies and engineers that make up the majority of the student body, studying the workings of the ocean and all the fish (and other living creatures) in it amounts to just counting […]

How to run 20 miles

I’m back. At least, I think I am. It has been a rough seven months for me, but I am ready to start thinking about things other than national politics. Ready to stop just going through the motions of paying attention to the world immediately around me, ready to actually tune into my all too […]

Blizzard redux

This is a repost from January of 2015, the winter we had tons and tons of snow. The blizzard today brings up memories of reading Little House on the Prairie and imagining with wonder what Laura’s life was like when the wind was howling and her parents were out in the storm. Extreme weather brings […]